Audience Intelligentsia

The Intersection of Learning + Media


Audience Intelligentsia is a professional community where some of the leading thinkers in the media and learning industries gather to discuss the opportunities surrounding the leveraging of learning and education concepts in marketing and media to deepen audience data, increase user engagement, and create value for our customers and businesses.

The Insight.

What don't you know?

It’s a question that’s simultaneously intriguing, vexing, unnerving, & ultimately, empowering. It’s a question that compels people to act, to discover, & to learn. How can you harness the inherent engagement power of learning to make media more compelling? How can it be used to drive more audience data and insights? 

These are the questions that we hope to answer in the Audience Intelligentsia community and at our conferences.  We've bring together thought leaders and innovators in fusing principles of learning and assessment into media, content, and marketing. Our goal is to create a vibrant community of media, marketing, advertising, data, and learning professionals—filled with rich content, connections, and ideas on how to maximize the value of audiences and create demonstrable value for our customers, clients, and partners.


Two Ways to Participate

An Open Community of Ideas

Anyone with an interest in how the application of learning concepts can enhance media, marketing, and data can subscribe to the community and get idea-rich content from our blog, Audience Intel; powerful strategies and insights in their inbox, and access to thought-provoking interviews and discussions. It's a great way to share ideas and connect with other industry leaders with similar interests and goals.


A Curated, Senior-Level Membership Program

Qualified participants can also go a step deeper and apply for membership in our exclusive, private membership level for senior and C-level executives in the media, marketing, learning, and data industries. Members have access to white papers & thought-provoking content; a private community of peers, thought leaders, & innovators; and invitations to our small, exclusive Audience Intelligentsia events and conferences.

Our goal is to share ideas and stoke lively discussions on building, growing, engaging, and profiting from audiences through the power of learning and discovery. 


Events + Conferences.


Audience Intelligentsia also sponsors small, invite-only executive-level conferences. These exclusive events create an intimate environment where everyone can fully participate and engage with guest speakers and panelists—some of the leading innovators in media, advertising, learning and eduction. At Audience Intelligentsia events, you're not talked at—you're an integral part of the conversation. See the 2017 Audience Intelligentsia Conference for more information.




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