The smartest minds engage on leveraging learning to deepen audience data & engagement.

Audience Intelligentsia Conferences


Boutique, invite-only conferences where the smartest minds engage on leveraging learning and media to deepen audience data & engagement.



Boutique Events. Unique Opportunities.

The 2017 Audience Intelligentsia conference was held this past October 19. This exclusive, invite-only event brought together some of the leading thinkers in the media, publishing, and learning industries to discuss the opportunities and value of leveraging learning concepts in marketing and media to deepen audience engagement and knowledge. Audience Intelligentsia is jointly produced and sponsored by CredSpark and Tyton Partners.

We keep Audience Intelligentsia events small and intimate to allow for deeper interaction and participation with our panelists. Audience Intelligentsia events provide an unmatched opportunity to share ideas, learn what others are doing, and join in thought-provoking discussion about the opportunities that arise at the intersection of learning and media. Subscribe or join our Membership Level for updates on future Audience Intelligentsia events.

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Audience Intelligentsia Events

The Intersection of Learning + Media



What don't you know? It’s a question that’s simultaneously intriguing, vexing, unnerving, & ultimately, empowering. It’s a question that compels people to act, to discover, & to learn. How can you harness the inherent engagement power of learning to make media more compelling? How can it be used to drive more audience data and insights? 

To answer those questions, we bring together thought leaders and innovators in fusing principles of learning and assessment into media, content, and marketing for an agenda filled with insights, best practices, and new ideas on how to maximize the value of audiences.


Audience Intelligentsia events are invite-only, executive-level conferences—efficient, one-day events, capped at 100 participants, in an intimate environment where everyone can fully participate and engage with the guest speakers. At Audience Intelligentsia events, you're not talked at, you're an integral part of the conversation.

Our agendas are focused and designed to provide a balance of leading edge thinking, practical examples, and best practices from people who are innovating in using learning concepts as audience engagement tools.


Take notes because Audience Intelligentsia is theory + practice. You'll leave our events not only with new ideas on leveraging learning in audience engagement, but with practical advice and real-world examples of how innovative companies are growing and maximizing the value of their audiences through the application of learning techniques and technology. 

We want your participation in Audience Intelligentsia to have a tangible, immediate, and positive impact on your business.


2017 Audience Intelligentsia Conference

Speaker Lineup


Some of the leading thinkers in media and learning participate in the Audience Intelligentsia conference. They represent companies that are truly innovating by incorporating learning principles and techniques into their media and marketing efforts. 



Lev Kaye | CredSpark

Lev Kaye | CredSpark

Lev Kaye

CredSpark | Founder + CEO

Lev Kaye is innovating the way professionals learn. His company, CredSpark, is an audience intelligence platform allowing publishers, brands, and learning providers to engage their audiences on important topics. CredSpark offers an easy way for firms to activate their readers and followers, at the same time gathering valuable data and leads for marketing purposes.

Before launching CredSpark, Lev held executive roles in education technology, publishing and related services including K-12, post-secondary and consumer-driven educational services. He also has experience working for a variety of tech companies including startups, mid-size and Fortune 100 firms. Lev is an expert in product strategy, product management, business innovation, strategic partnerships, change management, operations and startups.

Lev's work has been featured in Forbes, and he has written for Entrepreneur. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Adam Newman | Tyton Partners

Adam Newman | Tyton Partners

Adam Newman

Tyton Partners | Founder + Managing Partner

Adam is a founding partner of Tyton Partners. Adam has more than 15 years of experience in consulting and market research, management, banking, and teaching across all segments of the education sector.

Prior to founding Tyton Partners, Adam was a director at Berkery Noyes, a mergers and acquisitions firm serving the information industry. Adam originated the firm’s strategic advisory practice for education companies and investors. While at Berkery Noyes, he also launched the Venture Capital in Education Summit, an annual event convening the most dynamic and innovative early-stage companies and entrepreneurs across the preK–12, postsecondary, corporate training, and consumer markets.

Adam began his professional career as a K–12 educator and athletic coach at schools in Boston, MA, and New Orleans, LA. He holds an AB in English from Duke University.


Speakers & Panelists

Mark Bonner | Bisnow

Mark Bonner | Bisnow

Mark Bonner

Bisnow | Editor-in-chief + VP, Content

Mark Bonner is an award-winning journalist, editor and digital strategist. He has a distinguished pedigree in the worlds of news and publishing with editorial stints at Sotheby's Magazine and Newsweek. Mark combines experience in developing and managing high-performance, global newsrooms with deep insights into fostering audience engagement, creating effective user experiences, and incorporating technology and marketing in useful ways. He's at the forefront in forging a future for news & information in the age of digital platforms.

James Capo | Omeda

James Capo | Omeda

James Capo


James brings deep experience in database marketing and the latest technology that powers it. As Chief Revenue Officer of Omeda, he helps clients manage vast amounts of data from various sources and bring them together in an integrated way to maximize the insights and value. James also has had experience in the media industry as the director of business development at Cygnus Business Media and as a leader in helping The Associated Press develop its online services. 

Darren Catalano | HelioCampus

Darren Catalano | HelioCampus

Darren Catalano

HelioCampus | CEO

As head of HelioCampus, Darren Catalano helps universities and other educational institutions access, aggregate, and gain insight from their data through a cohesive, easy-to-use UI. HelioCampus' data scientists parse the data to help clients identify and solve problems, as well as identify and take advantage of opportunities across enrollment, student achievement, financial sustainability, and more. Along with HelioCampus, Darren's extensive background in data analytics from his experience at the University of Maryland and Rosetta Stone have put him at the forefront of data analysis and using Big Data to solve Problems, Big & Small. 

Shay David | Kaltura

Shay David | Kaltura

Shay David

Kaltura | President + General Manager

As a serial entrepreneur Shay David brings to the table many years of experience in dreaming up products and making them a reality: from concept to market, from slideware to hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. Kaltura’s mission is to power any video experience. The company provides the world’s leading video technology, including more than a dozen video-based Software-as-a-Service offerings, as well as an open and flexible Platform-as-a-Service for developing new video experiences based on hundreds of APIs for video ingestion, transcoding, metadata management, distribution, publishing, engagement, monetization, and analytics. Kaltura has emerged as the fastest growing video platform, and as the one with the widest use-case and appeal. Kaltura is deployed globally in thousands of organizations and engages hundreds of millions of viewers at home, in work, and at school. 

Ron Diorio | The Economist Group

Ron Diorio | The Economist Group

Ron Diorio

The Economist Group | VP, Innovation & New Product Development

Ron is responsible for developing innovative new products to keep The Economist Group at the leading edge of content development and dissemination. As a founder of The Economist Media Lab, he created partnerships with other organizations and startups to develop an innovation and new product pilot framework that saw the launch of Economist Radio, Electionism, and other innovative services.

Most recently, Ron's been leading the launch of, The Economist's unique online course and learning marketplace for the intellectually curious. The goal is to use the platform to connect the expertise and content of top thinkers and influencers with The Economist audience.

Benton French | New York Times Beta

Benton French | New York Times Beta

Benton French

The New York Times | sVP, reader experience

Ben French is vice president of product at The New York Times, where he oversees NYT Beta.  Beta is the lifestyle services arm of The Times and includes the Crosswords, Cooking, Watching, Smarter Living, Well and Real Estate teams. Prior to his role leading Beta, Ben managed the NYT Now and Cooking teams. He's also served on a number of key strategic initiatives, including audience, video, and international strategy work. 

Prior to The Times, Ben worked in a variety of product, strategy and business development roles at media companies , including Rolling Stone, CBS News, and Nielsen. Ben is an alum of Indiana University's journalism program and New York University's Business School.

Christopher Liedel | Smithsonian Enterprises

Christopher Liedel | Smithsonian Enterprises

Christopher Liedel

Smithsonian Enterprises | President

Chris Liedel is president of Smithsonian Enterprises, the revenue-producing arm of the renowned Smithsonian Institution. He's been an innovator in leveraging the Smithsonian's vast treasure trove of content, expertise and artifacts to reach and educate new audiences through an expanding array of media channels. Smithsonian Enterprises now includes Smithsonian and Air and Space magazines, IMAX theaters, museum & airport retail stores, the Smithsonian cable channel, Smithsonian Books, a travel program, as well as a consumer product licensing program.

Previously, Chris was executive vice president and CFO at National Geographic where he oversaw nearly $1 billion in new investments, including the National Geographic Channels, a school publishing business, and The Big Idea speaker series in partnership with the Nobel Price Education Fund. Chris is also affiliated with the boards of the National Philanthropic Trust, the US Golf Association, and the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research Foundation.

Jeff Litvack | Adweek

Jeff Litvack | Adweek

Jeff Litvack

AdWeek | CEO

Jeffrey Litvack is Chief Executive Officer and a member of the board at Adweek. He is a digital media native who leverages his 25 years of operational, strategic and financial expertise to help media companies and private equity firms in sourcing, evaluating, and transforming acquisitions.

Prior to Adweek Jeff was COO at Robb Report and Managing Director of Xcel Advisors. Prior to Xcel Advisors he was Group President and Chief Digital Officer at ALM. Mr. Litvack led the turnaround for ALM, transforming them into a Digital First company, and then successfully co-leading the sale of the Apax Partners back company to Wasserstein & Co. Prior to ALM, he held a variety of executive positions at the Associated Press, The Museum of Television & Radio, and Mitchell Madison Group.  

Jeff holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School and a B.S. in Economics from The Wharton School of Business.

Sujit Das Munshi | Nielsen

Sujit Das Munshi | Nielsen

Sujit Das Munshi

Nielsen | Global leader, talent engagement & development

Sujit has played an instrumental role at Nielsen for more than 20 years, including managing the company's relationship with Facebook for many years. Today, he's responsible for ensuring that Nielsen hires and retains the best and brightest talent from all over the world. Sujit is leading innovative programs to keep employees engaged in their work, develop their skills and passions, and ensure Nielsen cultivates a culture of innovation. 

Elizabeth Peteresen | H3.Group

Elizabeth Peteresen | H3.Group

Elizabeth Petersen

H3.Group | President

Elizabeth has been a recognized leader and innovator in the world of specialized information publishing. She's been responsible for innovations in digital information product development and in traditional publishing. As the new president for H3.Group, Elizabeth is charged with creating relevant, new information products and services for the healthcare market to enable industry consumers to achieve compliance, financial performance, and organizational excellence. She brings deep knowledge and insights in targeted niches and engages b2b consumers with content in the all the channels we face in today's fast-changing digital media landscape.

Matt Sigelman | Burning Glass Technologies

Matt Sigelman | Burning Glass Technologies

Matt Sigelman

Burning Glass Technologies | CEO

As CEO of Burning Glass Technologies, Matt Sigelman has been a recognized innovator in making the labor market more efficient by solving the skills gap through providing the high fidelity data and rich tools that help employers, learners, and policy makers better understand the labor market so that they plan more effectively and connect more efficiently. 

Matt thinks that what many call a “skills gap” is really an information gap—an inability to match skills with available job openings that makes it hard for workers and employers to find each other. His company, Burning Glass, harnesses the power of real-time job market data, based on analysis of an enormous and continually updated database of job postings and real-life career transitions, to deliver products and insights that have helped fill millions of jobs. 

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